Mission Statement

DRC Tri will provide opportunities for athletes of all abilities to gain experience in triathlon and other multi-sports.  The life enhancing potential of triathlon will be a key focus, and engagement in the sport will be used to foster self-esteem, build personal confidence and to make use of a balanced exercise regime to support healthy lifestyles.  By doing this, we aim to bring people together from different backgrounds, where they can gain fulfillment from achieving personal challenges in a supportive and caring environment.


  • To support individuals in developing their skills and abilities in each of the triathlon disciplines
  • To support and encourage individuals to enter competitions, and in doing so achieve personal goals
  • To emphasise the physical, mental and social benefits of multi-sport training at all levels
  • To provide an organisational structure and communication system to support individuals in accessing opportunities in triathlon
  • To continue to operate as an integral part of the DRC family