Bike Science Tool Kit

Here’s a list of recommended kit everyone should carry with them on all bike rides in case of any incident along the way.  This typically will be punctures, broken chains and loose bolts to name a few and without a good tool kit at hand you could well be stranded and attempting to call for help (which could be hours away)

Please use the messaging below to identify which pieces of kit you would like (Christmas is coming and some of these are relatively cheap price point) and  we will liaise with Andy to get an order placed.

I’d recommend the tube, levers, multi tool, and HP mini pump as being the essentials – Offer Total = £53

The saddle pack, CO2 pump and Co2 cartridge are “nice to haves” but not essential.

Item Offer Price RRP
Inner Tube £3 5.99
Tyre Levers (Campag Pair) £5 5.99
Lezyne M-Caddy Saddle Pack £16 20
Lezyne Blox 23 Multi Tool with Chain Tool £25 30
Neos Slam Co2 Pump £10 16
Neos HP Mini Pump £20 25
CO2 Cartridge £2 2.5
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