Swim Technique of the Week

Swim Technique 31st January 2019
Hi Team, For those of you who swim with me regularly you will know how much I love sculling !!!! Please see a great video with 4 versions of sculling, In this video you will see how it should be done below the water and a far better explanation than mine, you will see that scull 2 is slightly different, please try it. Have fun Jerry

Swim Technique 16th December
Hi Swim Team, Following on from Martin’s excellent link last week which looked at our kick (for those of you that haven’t tried it yet please do, I’ve used it in 3 sets and it really is great) I thought we could look at our catch and pull. For those in my Sunday sessions this is the diamond drill and even if you think you’ve mastered the tech please watch the video it’s 8 minutes of gold that will help with power and position, we all lose a percentage of the power to the bottom of the pool.

“A video highlighting the importance of developing a strong kick technique to maintain good body alignment, and overcoming inertia by maintaining steady momentum. A range of drills are suggested to practise this, along with the importance of developing a strong core.”

    Swim legs video 05/12/18