Swim Video Analysis

There follows a series of links to the video swim analysis sessions we have recorded.  These have proved very enlightening to everyone involved ranging from picking up areas for improvement for marginal gains, through to much more fundamental major gain areas.

If you want to watch the videos in slow motion, which you more than likely will, at the bottom of the the you tube screen click the little cog icon and it will pop some options, the best speed for a real close look is 0.25, so  a quarter real time.

Swim Video Analysis
Swim Video 17th Sept – Martin Jerry Trish Chris Sophie Ray Phil
Swim Video 17th Sept – Zoe Annette Moira

Zoe F fingers very far apart, right hand finger tips don’t enter first left hand moves out on the pull, causing body to turn body over rotates possibly due to [ … ]

Swim Video 17th Sept – Chris Trish Sophie Ray Phil Charlotte Anne Mel

Chris Hands occasionally crossing Trish Hands occasionally crossing, especially right Right hand/elbow deep on the catch Sophie Thumbs entering first Ray Elbows drop on catch Phil Doesn’t continue stroke to [ … ]